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Car park at Leirvik.
Av:  Nina Sørli
Publisert:  01.08.2011
Foto: Nina Sørli
Oppdatert: 27.01.2014


Parking in the town centre

There are several car parks located in the town centre (Leirvik) offering both long and short stay options. All car parks are subject to parking fees, except for a few short time parking spaces in the street of Borggata and next to the express boat terminal.

Map - Public car parks in the centre of Leirvik  

Parking times

Parking rates apply on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm, and on saturdays from 7 am to 5 pm. 

Pre-paid parking card

Prepaid parking cards can be purchased at the Town Hall reception. Pre-paid parking cards are divided into two sections; long term and short term. A short term card holder has the right to park in all public car parks. A long term card holder has the right to park only in the two long term car parks of Turnhallen (P-house).

Appealing against a parking ticket

If you believe a parking ticket has been wrongly issued, you have the right to file an appeal. You may appeal using our Parking Ticket Appeal Form or by writing a letter. 

If a fine appeal is not granted and you remain dissatisfied with the outcome, you may appeal further to the District Court (Tingretten). An additional fee cannot be appealed further.

Contact the municipality

Municipal offices switchboard

53 49 66 00


53 49 66 01



Opning hours

08.00-15.00 Summer (21/6-20/8)

Chat with the municipal customer services (mon-fri 9am-15pm)


Stord kommune
Postboks 304
5402 Stord
Borggata 2
5417 Stord
Ope: måndag-fredag 8-15.30

Telefon: 53 49 66 00
Telefaks: 53 49 66 01
E-post: post@stord.kommune.no
Kontonr: 8420.07.00014
Kommunenr. 1221
Org.nr: 939866914

Ansvarleg redaktør: Magnus Mjør
Nettredaktør: Haldis Lauksund
Teknisk ansvarleg: Leif-Arne Helland

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